48 hours in Mykonos

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Mykonos is known as a party town and truly is! But it’s more than that. It’s also a very beautiful island with many sights. Walk through the narrow stoned pathways, admire the shops, eat at the small crêpe shop or at the several Greek restaurants. To end the day you can party the night away with nice music or find a place to sit and view the amazing sunset behind the windmills. We did all of this and more during 48 hours in Mykonos.

Getting lost in Mykonos is pretty great since you'll discover sweet little corners like this.
Getting lost in Mykonos is pretty great since you’ll discover sweet little corners like these.


Get lost in the winding alleys of Mykonos town// Mykonos Town shines brightly in the sun, due to the traditional architecture with the white houses and the colourful, climbing flower plants. The narrow streets are ideal for walks and the picturesque churches and chapels are like they came out of a fairytale.

The white washed houses of Mykonos looking fabulous.
The whitewashed houses of Mykonos looking fabulous as if they come straight from a painting.

Watch the sunset in Little Venice// This popular neighbourhood is called Little Venice because the houses are built over the sea. You can watch the sunset drinking a cocktail in one of the many bars or bring your own while enjoying the end of the day at the small beach. Little Venice isn’t hard to find since it’s right below the famous windmills.

Greece sunset episode 3623 in Little Venice.
Greek sunset episode 3623 at Little Venice.

Get your culture shot at Delos// Very close to Mykonos lays Delos, the sacred island of Apollo. This mythological island is completely converted into an open air museum, which gives it a unique feel. I especially liked the Terrace of the Lions and the theatre where a small twirling performance was required! Climb Mount Kynthos to get a 360° view on the island and the archaeological sites.

Welcome to the house of Apollo!
Welcome to Ancient Greece!

Spot dolphins from the windmills// I have to disappoint you right away by saying that we didn’t spot any dolphins. However, don’t let that discourage you from trying to spot some yourself. The windmills are one of the most recognized views of Mykonos and therefore a must see. It also offers you a nice view on the bay of Little Venice and Mykonos town. For your iconic holiday picture, you can always pretend to be Don Quixote 🙂

Postcard perfect picture from Mykonos.
Postcard perfect picture from Mykonos.

Relax on the beach// We were staying right next to Ornos Beach which is a quiet beach with a couple of great restaurants lining the shore. The perfect spot to wind down and relax at the beach without being to far away from Mykonos town. Another beach I would recommend is Agios Sostis but you’ll need your own transport to get there.

Eat. Sleep. Relax. Repeat.
Eat. Sleep. Relax. Repeat.


Greek pie at Popolo// This sandwiches and pie bar is the perfect place for a small lunch. The feta and spinach pie where delicious and I would go back in a second if I could 🙂 They have some small tables and a window seat if you want to sit down.

Fresh seafood at Niko’s Taverna// The traditional Greek cuisine and fresh fish are superb at Niko’s Taverna. It’s a busy and efficient tavern, which spills out into the square behind the town hall.

Kostantis Taverna at Ornos Beach// We enjoyed our last night in Mykonos at Kostantis Taverna and it was the perfect decision. The cocktails and risotto at this place are heavenly and the sound of the rolling waves completes this picture perfect.

Lefteris at Ornos Beach// Lefteris is a local restaurant where you can enjoy grilled meat and other traditional Greek cuisine for a small price.

Kiki’s Taverna at Agios Sostis// A teeny-tiny tavern atop Agios Sostis beach: no electricity, no reservations, no exceptions. This local institution is pure simplicity. There’s no sign, just follow the bronzed bohemian railing onto the tree-shaded terrace overlooking Agios Sostis beach.

Nutella Crêpes close to Little Venice// Who could say no to a good Nutella pancake or every other pancake for that matter? Malibu Crêpes has everything your sweet heart desires. Order your take-away pancake and embark on an evening stroll through Mykonos Town.

The joyful little streets of Mykonos.
The joyful little streets of Mykonos.

Can’t wait for you next holiday to Greece? Discover more of its beauty in Athens, Santorini or undiscovered Naxos.

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