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7-day road trip through Denmark (and a touch of Sweden)

Mons Klint DenmarkDenmark seemingly mixes ancient Viking history with modern designs and an innovative culture. Visiting this country is a journey that will take you from remote nature to lively cities and back. But no matter where you go, you will always find a sense of hygge. Denmark is the country where fairy tales where invented and visiting it still feels like one. Read along to discover where to go on a 7-day road trip through Denmark.

Mando Denmark
Becoming friends with the locals.

Day 1: White cliffs of Møns Klint

The biggest must-see of Denmark concerning nature is most definitely Møns Klint. The white chalk cliffs hold remains of shells of creatures that lived on the seabed over 70 million years ago. Take a couple hours to explore this area. Park your car 1,5 km after the entrance of the park. You will find a free parking here with a good map of the area which displays various walking routes. Hike in the direction of the Geocenter where you will find 1 of the 4 wooden stairs that lead to the beach below. Once you arrived on the beach, you can capture the true beauty of Møns Klint. Head to the left side to get the best views on the cliffs. After 30 minutes of dabbling over the rocky beach (bring sturdy shoes!), you’ll reach another staircase. From above, you’ll get another great view on the cliffs and the water. Be aware to not get to close to the edge because it’s a fast way down.

Mons Klint Denmark
Screen saver alert at Mons Klint. This place feels surreal!

Day 2: Ride across the Øresundsbron aka The Bridge

I’m a BIG fan of the Danish-Swedish TV serie The Bridge (Bron/Broen), so the bridge that gave its name to the serie (but I assumes you already guessed that one 🙂 ) was a must-visit on our list. A one-way ticket of €48 will take you from Denmark to Sweden. If I wasn’t such a fan of the serie, I don’t think I would have taken this ride because there are a lot of pretty similar bridges across Denmark which are free. However, it was a fun trip and it got us to Sweden!

The Bridge Copenhagen
Fan-girling the entire ride across the bridge.

Day 3: Hop-over to Malmö, Sweden

When you find yourself at the other end of the bridge, take a day to discover the third biggest city of Sweden. The city centre of Malmö can easily be visited by foot. The greatest (and only in my opinion) architectural landmark is the Turning Torso. This modern building is twisted from the bottom all the way to the top! We covered most of the must-sees of Malmö walking the following route. We started at the Stadsbiblioteket, followed by a walk in the park at the Kungsparken. Next up was the Malmö Castle with some sweet, little fishermen’s houses next to it. A detour took us to the Turning Torso from which you can see Denmark if there isn’t too much mist. During this time, we were getting hungry so the next stop was Gustav Adolf for lunch. We enjoyed one dish of the day and one schnitzel for €21.  Back on the streets, we passed the Saint Petri kyrka which is an ancient church with a great chandelier inside. The final destination of the walking tour was the Lilla Torg. This is a picturesque little square where we ended our day trip in Malmö.

The turning torso Malmo Sweden
Modern architecture with a twist

Day 4-5: City trip to København

Copenhagen is drenched in style. From the historical buildings to the stylish stores and the cosy eateries, everything you see has this typical Danish feel to it. Take at least 48 hours to discover everything the capital of Denmark has to offer. I wrote down all the to-do’s of Copenhagen in a dedicated post.

Copenhagen Denmark
Stylish Copenhagen at its best.

Day 6: Old town Ribbe and the island of Mandø

Ribbe is Denmark’s oldest town. It has lots of charm with cobblestone streets and small, colourful houses. If you don’t visit the local Viking museum, you can see the city in about 2 hours. After a quick lunch we decided to check out the surroundings. From Ribbe you can go on a trip to the marshland, to the Wadden Sea or to the small island of Mandø. This small island with approximately 35 inhabitants can be quite a challenge to access over the unpaved road. During high tide, the road is completely flooded so make sure to check the tides up front! If you’re lucky, this is the perfect place to spot seals.

Ribbe Denmark
Wandering the ancient streets of Ribbe in Denmark.

Day 7: Plastic-fantastic Legoland

To our great surprise, we discovered that we were in Denmark when the famous Legoland would open its doors again. Although it was the first opening weekend, the queues where limited and we got in at half price. Opening weekend benefits! In the park you can discover all the famous places of the world in miniature. I especially liked the Star Wars scenes, little Nyhavn and the airport. You can also find various attractions and a small zoo of penguins. From Legotop, the highest attraction in the park,  you get a bird’s eye view on Legoland which was pretty amazing. 65 million Lego bricks await you, so you know what to do 😉

Legoland Denmark
The world can feel so small sometimes… Oh wait, we’re in Legoland!

Are you already planning your next road trip?